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Seo Costa del Sol – 5 things you need to know now

Have you searched for SEO Costa Del Sol and found this post? Then, you now have the idea of what SEO does and how it works. Now, should this post be ranking on page one of google (we wrote this on the 15th March 2021) this means what we have done to this post since that date has worked. It will have started life on Page 15/16 of the search engines and gradually worked it’s way up the rankings. So, how do you do that and how is this possible? Well, lets go through that on our article on SEO Costa Del Sol and – 5 things you need to know now.

Number 1 Content is king – SEO Costa Del sol

Number one, content is king. I’m sure you’ve heard this before however, it is true. Google loves content of any description as long as that content is well written and most importantly unique, not copied from other websites all experts of any description. When writing content it’s a mix of Google and other major search engines understanding what you are writing about, how informative the content is for the user who is searching for answers, companies, services, or for whatever reason they put a question into the search box on the major search engines. So just as you put SEO Costa Del Sol in to find this page.

Writing quality content is a fine art, SEO is a very very competitive area. Imagine you are a company that does plumbing, and you are in a specific area and you wish to rank for plumber in Madrid etc. You are certainly not going to be on your own wanting to be the top result in the search engines for people searching for a plumber in Madrid. So, how does Google determine who is going to be at the top and who is going to be second and who is going to be on page 10. This is where SEO comes in to play, that are so many ranking factors that it would be impossible to write down in this article everything Google takes into consideration to rank your website in first spot or on the first page.

If you are just having a website built you will have a lot of work to do to catch up to the website that I’ve been around for a long time using SEO practices to rank their website at the top of Google. Just as we are trying to rank this article for SEO Costa Del Sol, we are telling Google that we wish potential clients to find us for this service so we can offer to clients to get their keywords and phrases to the top of the rankings.

Google decided a long time ago but trying to manipulate your ranking in search engines was a no no. However, there are still ways and techniques to enable your website gets a good standing in the major search engines without being penalized for trying to manipulate rankings. But, how do you acquire quality backlinks, website authority, page authority, and in Google’s eyes be worthy of the rankings. Google rewards fresh and frequent content specifically on a subject that the user is searching for. Let’s jump into what other ranking factors help your position in the major search engines. Just as we are trying to rank for SEO Costa del Sol.

SEO Costa Del Sol

Number 2. Link building without being penalised.

Gone have the days where the more backlinks you had on your website the higher Google ranked you in the search engine. In years gone by you used to throw a million backlinks at your website usually buying them from third party websites, blogs, profiles and the whole host of spammy directories, to manipulate your ranking.

Google is now far too clever for all of that. In fact that clever that it now knows if you are using such methods. Google expects you to acquire backlinks in a natural way alongside good and shareable content. These backlinks are essential for your website to move to the top of the rankings. However, not all backlinks are made equal. SEO Costa del Sol might be one backlink I will acquire in a high domain authority website pointing at this article to enable it to rank higher. This backlink will be acquired on a high domain authority website and written uniquely by myself to ensure no Google penalties.

Here is a free tool to firstly check your DA or domain authority and secondly your backlink profile. The free version, gives you the best backlinks but unfortunately you will have to pay for the full version if you want the full backlink profile. And it isn’t cheap. It is a great way to monitor your acquired backlinks and how to obtain your own. 

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