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web design Costa Del Sol

The need for web design Costa Del Sol

Web design on the costa del sol is not just good practice it is essential in today’s world.  A website design is your shop window, your companies credibility, its the digital marketing face of everything you stand for. Not just that, utilised properly it is a phenomenal source of business and leads. Checking out your competition and their marketing strategy is a great place to start. Building local citations to your website. Building a presence to your website locally to bring brand awareness and enquiries. 

what is involved in building a new website?

To build a premium website with Google search console, Google My Business listing, Social Media links, proper coding, takes many years of experience. When you set your live that’s when the hard work actually starts. Your web design costa del sol does not miraculously appear at the top of the first page on google. Websites need to marketed properly , coded properly. and submitted to google. A marketing campaign then begins for getting traffic and potential clients / customers / buyers to your website. 

Do you redesign websites already made?

Yes, though this can be tricky. We recently did an appraisal on a website that had literally hundreds of pages, thus, to look good, be optimised, readable and a pleasant experience for the reader was best started from scratch. Without losing the content and the links and the pages.

We can redirect website pages and URL’s that no longer exist to the new website which also helps with SEO> We do not take on every job but the ones that we do take on our clients are always over the moon. We can redesign your own website a lot of the time with upgrades and new coding in place without losing the look and feel of the website design. 

Are the websites secure?

We will host your website for (as of 14/05/2020) for 30€ per month. This will include keeping your website design Costa Del Sol live on the internet, updates, security checks, plug in updates, your domain name (website address) and your SSL certificate, which enables visitors to browse your website securely. 

Which websites can you choose?

We have a whole host of websites available to be then bespoke to your companies colours, own design, company logo, your own content. and much more. We add all your social channels and we give advice on how to market on Facebook as a free service. In fact we have over 70 website designs to choose from. However, we can also create a bespoke website from scratch to look and feel the way you wish. 

Do you do marketing and SEO?

Yes, in fact we feel as though we offer the best service for this available on the market. Not only do we design a website but if you wish for us to get that website top spot in Google , market on social media including Facebook, we offer no obligation video calls where we share our screen with you and show you what we can do to help your SEO.

We have a dashboard for all clients that sign up to an SEO package with us a log in. When logged in you see exactly what the performance of your website is doing to improve in the search engine rankings. It shows absolutely everything , literally too much to list. Please contact us for a FREE tour. 

Do You host the web design?

Yes, we host your website for €30 per month. Included in the monthly price we make sure of the following. 

  • Security and SSL Certificate
  • Caching of the website and images to enable website speed.
  • Image compressing
  • RankMath PRO SEO and on page SEO 
  •  Our own coding to enable the website to function property
  • Google search console
  • Google My Business listing
  • Updates
  • Plug-in updates
  • Online form testing and making sure leads are notifying
  • FREE insurance against hacks and infections. 
 Web Design Costa Del Sol is as good as it gets we are overjoyed at the amount of work that goes into one of website builds. 

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